Mythic Silvermote: Architects of the Manse

New Beginnings

The Party Starts a Journey

After shaking off the effects of the magical blast, the party quickly realized they were back in the Mistrealm, and back under the inpatient watch of Squeseme.  After some bantering with the dwarf, it became clear that the only thing keeping their strange assailants at bay was the fact that they were in the Mistrealm, so bargaining with the beardless dwarf to have him provide passage back to Waterdeep would likely result in further conflict.

The party resolved to try and reclaim some aspect of protection against the inquiries of the twisted chronomantic cult which hunted them.  Thier prior actions and sacrifice had destroyed the Manse, their only other haven against detection.

Peliaos wondered if it didn't make sense to traverse the Mist back to the domain of the Gentlemen Caller, and bid his aid in the goal the party was trying to loosely. define.  Limebead offered up the lore of two items in his possession, a fragment of a Nether Scroll, and a Tome pilfered from one of the remnants of a Manse, instructive in it's construction and function.

The party quickly realized that if the goal was to rebuild the manse, first they would need a pocket dimension to store it in.  This was problematic, in that they lacked the ability to create a demiplane, and further lacked the knowledge on how to sustain such a place.

The dwarf offered to take the party to someone with that knowledge – Squeseme cited two people he knew of with the requsite skills – the Lord of the Tower that Wibbles and Wobbles, or the gate leading to the Demiplane forged by the Bladelich Dresden.

When inquiring further about the Lord of the Tower, the party learned that the Tower was sealed – it's master alive, but nobody had seen him for centuries.  His apprentice, the Geomancer Roweena Stoneblood, in her centuries of trying to reunite with her former master, had determined a rough magical means of predicting where the Tower would apparate, when it did so within the Mists.

Alternatively, the party could seek out the Seer of the Mists, who could Fortell where the Tower would next manifest. 

Leaning towards exploring the findings of the apprentice, the party attempted to barter with Squeseme, who quickly ascertained their lack of liquid funds.  This led to a parley on payment terms – a service for a service.  The dwarf offered two options – either retrieve an item lost to him, or deal with a former associate whom the dwarf desperately wanted to be rid of.

The party opted to retrieve the lost item – a magical purse linked to the vaults of treasure amassed by Squeseme and his compatriots in their grand multiplanar alchemical wholesale distribution system.

According the to dwarf, the purse had been lost in a game of chance to a former associate of Squeseme, who the party was directed to retrieve it from. The gambler in question apparently staked out a crossroads in the center of the Mistrealm, which the dwarf would provide transportation to.

The party neared the crossroads and were let off, with the dwarf retreating, promising to return when the party regained the purse.  Barely a quarter-mile from where they were deposited on the side of the road, the party happened into a break in the Mists, exposing a crossroads anchored by crow's cages – three occupied by moldering corpses, the fourth open and being used as an elevated seat by a curious half-elf.

The half-elf was of middle years, gentle looking, handsome, and clean-shaven.  He sported blue and silver robes, and sat hanging out of the crow's cage flipping a coin in each hand.  As the party watched, somewhat mesmerized, some of the more observant members noted the metal of the coins, their size and makeup, and even what appeared on their minted sides seemed to change variably.  At times, the minted heads of the coins were esoteric symbols, or the coins lacked a clear heads or tails – other times, the coins sported heads which were rough simulacrums of the members of the party.

 Peliaos was tapped to parley with the gambler, after some initial inquiries by Dixxi. Ultimately, the party seemed to be deadlocked on what to put up in a game of chance against the gambler. They also struggled with a specific plan in regards to a game of chance.

The party continued to plan telepathically, as the gambler sat quietly flipping his coins, a bemused smile on his face, and a dangerous brightness in his eyes as he watched the mental proceedings before him.


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