Mythic Silvermote: Architects of the Manse

Travel Through the Mistrealm

How The Party Learned To Stop Worrying About the Chaos Beast, and Bear With It

After securing transportation for the party on Squesme's wagon, the party set off into the blinding mists.  As time passed, the party eventually hit an area of travels where there was some peripheral awareness of where they traveled in the eerie silence of the echoes of clopping mule hooves.

Suddenly, something snatched the dwarven driver from his seat, sending him screaming into the mists, and causing his wagon team to bolt. With a swift kick-flip, Torvald managed to land in the driver's seat and take the reins, though it took him some time to get the team under control.  In the meantime, the slumbering Dixxie was knocked from the back of the wagon, only to be snagged midair by Yenven.  Unfortunately, the rudely awakened druid tried to take wing, and her struggles knocked the paladin and herself from the wagon.  A quick intercession by Limebead allowed Yenven to regain his place on the wagon, and Dixxie took to the air and caught up with the terrified team of mules.

Only though the quick intercession of the party's monk did the wagon and team not go crashing into the form that suddenly loomed before them in a clearing of the mist, beyond a sharp turn in the road.  A colossal aberration of terrible proportion, bent on destroying the party.


Torvold managed to stop the wagon just short of a collision or overturn of the wagon.  In response, the gigantic monstrosity spewed a gout of foul ichor onto the team (it seemed she intended to hit the party in the wagon).  Limebead attempted to tap his Mythic power to force the attack to go awry, but the demonic cephalapod hybrid managed to overcome his powers with one of her own, which caused all her golden jewelry to flare with amber light. 

The ichor exuded shadow essence, and ate away at the flesh of the mules like the most virulent acid, leaving blackened bone behind, which slowly dissolved in the puddle of deadly mud.  Limebead contemplated trying to save the mules for a moment, but realized their demize put them past his abilities.

Just as soon as she appeared, she was gone, leaving the party to search for their lost guide and wagonmaster.  Dixxie enlarged one of her companions, and had the roc help move the wagon until the party came upon a clearing where the road had clearly been churned up, and a tree was knocked down to the south side of the road.

The party pressed on until they reached the end of the curve in the road they had lost the dwarf on.  Here they found a dry creekbed, a decrepid wooden bridge across it, and a fork in the road they had not seen before.   The party decided to move on.

Eventually, the party came upon another large puddle of acidic mud, blocking the road ahead, as well as a clearing in the mist, and a number of overturned trees.  This seemed the likely location that the dwarf had been seperated from them!

The druid enacted a spell to detect life, and flew over the puddle, hoping to find either the remains of, or the living concealded dwarf.  Neither were immidiately obvious.  As the druid searched, strange noises – hissing, clicking, and rustling in the underbrush emerged from the side of the road to the north and south of the party.  As the druid descended, attempting to get a better sense of what surrounded them, she suddenly detected undead, which caused some consternation amongst the party.

The oracle and the druid called upon their Mythic abilities to conjure magics which would shroud them from the hampering properties of the mistrealm, allowing them to see more clearly around the road.  What became visible was far from settling – a veritable battalion of mistbound ghasts, surrounding the party to both the north and the south!

Before a course of action could be determined, the druid was nearly knocked senseless by the sudden appearance of a monstrosity descending from above, whose fluctuating lifeforce seemed to defy the bounds of sustained detection without imperiling sanity.

The druid recognized a horrific abberation of nature almost immidiately, while the monk, bard, and oracle conferred about what it might be.  The oracle knew of only one creature so awful, with tentacles full of eyes within fanged mouths – a Chaos Beast! The monk knew lore of such creatures, which suggested they were both resistant to magic, and warped the minds and magic of those around them.  The bard remembered a passage from the Grimoire of Pendral Fen, who wrote of a similar creature as "The Hound of the Atropals", whose very touch carried a curse that could warp flesh irreperably.

Greatly intiimidated by the monstrosity's presence, the party attempted to parley with the creature, Peliaos donning his ring which would allow him to comprehend languages.

What resulted was a horryfing cacophany, as each of the mouths spoke a different tongue in a different voice.  It took all of the bard's concentration to even understand the ravings of the beast, and even then, the voices were not always in agreement with each other's statement.

The Chaos Beast was apparently curious about the party "the it/them/yous more chaotic than itself".  The monstrosity wanted to know "Where the it/them/yous were going".  The party explained they were on a journey across the Mistrealms.  When pressed for more information, they revealed they were on the way to an exit from the realm.

With poorly disguised interest, the Beast ham-handedly attempted to conceal its intent to follow, and flew higher into the mist, out of sight.  At the departure of the creature, one of the ghasts, near-mad with hunger, stumbled to the edge of the road, glowering at Limebead.  When the dwarf addressed the slavering undead, it howled and leapt at him, only to miss horribly.  The druid-in-mammoth form rapidly descended, putting an end to any further attempts by the ghast to cause hostilities. 

In examining the remains which stained the druids thick coat, she noted that the creature was, indeed, somewhat composed of mist, which was quickly dispersing in the wake of the destruction of the creature.

As the party attempted to determine a course of action, the ghasts all began hooting and hissing, as they clawed their way into the ground, disappearing the mist-crowned loam.

The bard examined Squeseme's wagon, determining it to be an artifact of several points of significance – it was the anchor for several intra dimensional spaces, it allowed a bonded driver to get to places they could not normally go, and it allowed a rudimentary sense of direction on a purposefully stated goal.

As that research went on, the party's druid came to understand the signifigance of the lost mounts – natural living creatures born in the Mistrealm could navigate the mists as if they did not exist!  There was little chance of replacing the lost mounts with similar ones, deep in the bowels of a mist-driven forest, but Dixxie determined an alternative form of recruiting assistance.

Using her druidic magics, fueled by the Mythic power of her fellows, she attempted to call a cadre of bears to aid the party.  These bears, native to the Mistrealm, would be able to help guide the wagon, recently left immobile by the death of the mules.

The spell was a success, drawing a cub, it's mother, a young male, an older female, and a venerable male over a period of six hours.  After the bard fascinated the bears, the druid attempted to establish a friendship with them (successfully), only to fail twice to get the bears to take on the reins of the wagon.  Yenven helpfully offered a suggestion that would assuage the bears' concerns about being bound to the wagon, only to find the druid incapable of getting the bears to accept the proposal.

Ultimately, the bears agreed to lead the party, and the druid took on the form of a bear herself, bolstered by the oracle's magics to help pull the cart by herself. Tacitly, and still wary of the creature surely following them, the party pressed on into the mist…


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