The Living Pipes

Aura strong necromancy, conjuration; CL 14th; Slot held (2H); Weight 5 lbs.


A failed experiment on infernal talismanic transmutation, then corrupted by heavy magic, this artifact no longer houses the essence of a devil, but rather has become the soul-focus of an infernal-blooded bard. 


The pipes are essentially a form of immortality for the soul trapped within them.  So long as the pipes remain undestroyed, the soul trapped within them cannot be slain permanently.  The soul within the pipes, when wielded by an attuned individual, gains telepathic contact with the wielder. 


The pipes can manifest a physical projection of the soul trapped within them.  This projection is a real physical creature, similar to a conjured creature, which has a full statblock, powers, levels etc. per a character. 

If the manifestation is dismissed by the attuned wielder, there are no ill effects on the soul within. Summoning or dismissing a manifestation is a full-round action.  The manifestation is always summoned with a fresh inventory and spell slots, though any use of powers, equipment, abilities, etc are not replenished for 24 hours from the time of initial summoning.

If the manifestation is slain, dismissed, disjoined, dispelled, or banished, it returns to the pipes for 24 hours, while they remain incapable of any other powers other than telepathic contact with the wielder.  The soul within the pipes loses 10% of the xp accrued since last level. 

The manifestation cannot target or come in physical contact with the pipes manifesting it. 

Additional powers of the pipes are:

  • As a touch attack, with a DC of 17 + the wielder's Charisma bonus, the pipes can inflict hideous laughter upon a target.
  • With a spoken command, the pipes can target a single sentient creature with a Mythic Dominate Monster with the command to truthfully answer the next question asked aloud by the pipes' wielder. This ability only works once on any given creature.


The pipes can be physically damaged, broken, and destroyed through magical damage.  The pipes have a hardness of 8, as many HP as the soul trapped inside at full health, and DR 5/-.  They can only be repaired by a caster 18th level or higher, but repair 1d6 hitpoints every 24 hours so long as they are not broken, just damaged. 

Alternatively, it'sIf the pipes are brought to the Seven Heavens, and a willing Greater Lillend offers to replace the soul of the one trapped within the pipes, the soul is freed, and the item will change significantly.  If the soul within the pipes succumbs to its infernal nature, it can enpact a living sentient creature to trade places with it, but emerges from the pipes as a Cambion, rather than a half-fiend, and must immediately bind seven warlocks to it's service within 666 days, or become part of the Hellish hierarchy, bound to Lorcan's service.


The Living Pipes

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